The Tenderloin Museum

In collaboration with filmmaker Sephora Woldu, “The Shoots” was an exhibit on the making of her film, “Life is Fare.” Woldu’s film explores Eritrean culture set against a changing San Francisco landscape. To promote her Indie film, I photographed Woldu and her sister throughout San Francisco’s Tenderloin to capture not only the essence of her film, but also the character of the neighborhood. “The Shoots” was exhibited at the Tenderloin Museum in September 2018. Read more about the film and the exhibit here (SF Weekly Cover Story, August 2018).

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blank paper project

In an interview with Prajakta More, I discuss my creative process, dealing with conflicting visions and how I use my camera as a tool.

Read the full interview here.

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design sponge

This artist profile not only highlights my work, but also how my work contributes to the greater concept of representation in branding and photography.

Read the full article here.

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the photographic journal

“Dark” is the third photo essay to be featured on The Photographic Journal. Photographed in New York’s Times Square and nearby subway, “Dark” explores the past and present with 1970s styling set against New York’s bright lights.

View the full editorial here.

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the photographic journal

“A Sunken Place” is a very personal photo essay for The Photographic Journal featuring model Khadijat Dania in an alternate reality — where it feels like home, but it’s not quite right. After receiving feedback to diversify my subjects, I was inspired to photograph this editorial.

View the full essay here.


The photographic journal

“Same, but Different” was my first photo essay published with The Photographic Journal. I styled two models in a similar color palette, but photographed them separately. Not even on the same day. We went to the same locations, and without telling the models how to pose, I documented how they interacted with the same space. This photo essay explores the concept of things being the same, but different.

See the full photo essay here.